Articles for the Month of April 2013

Just a thought…The Comcast Experience?

The Comcast Experience?
The Comcast Center, Philadelphia’s most eco-friendly building, stands over 975-feet tall with a three story atrium to welcome visitors from all over the world. Located at 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd., The Comcast Center reaches far above neighboring One Penn Center and 2 Penn Center with ease.  As tourists enter the Winter Garden Lobby,  glass walls beckon each passersby. Dangling high overhead, stand life size figures, by Jonathan Borofsky to begin your “Comcast Experience.”
Once inside the lobby of glass it’s impossible to miss the 2000-foot-high, and 83-foot-wide, high-definition Video Wall that magnifies the room. This 10-million pixel video wall sits as a virtual art exhibit framing the landscapes, historical sites and ideals of America. Each scene accompanied by mood appropriate instrumentals lures the guest into an almost emotional state of patriotism and awe.
Comcast is known for their ambitious international programing, thus the company has left none of their programing magic to the viewer’s imagination. Their recent acquisition of the mega network, NBC, and sponsorship of the 2012 London Summer Olympic games is gleaned gratuitously in honor of Comcast’s participation. This is one of many seemingly self-important moments Comcast utilizes to advertise their mission of global programming domination.
In stark contrast to Comcast’s rather cold corporate reputation, the Comcast Center appears warmly respectful of ecological responsibility while offering a feeling of transparency.  If only Comcast ran their business as kindly as they build their skyscrapers.