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imageCelebrated by its outwardly exuberant fans this week, Philly welcomes into town the annual Comic Con presented by Wizard World. Every year the most committed super hero, SyFy, fantasy, zombie, anime and comic fans gather to erase the limitations of imagination. Philly Comic Con, the residential Geek Fest, kicks off the summer with long lines that zig zag throughout the top floors of the Philadelphia Convention Center filing in ticket holders from 9am to Nightfall.  The day begins with crowded escalators that lead to tightly managed ticket lines. Then,  finally a cocktail of relief and excitement mix as a Welcome  banner displayed overhead can be seen. Next stop, tshirt huts to purchase Star Trek memorabilia followed by costume clad children and adults alike clamoring to snap forbidden photos of celebrities. This event is an unapologetic celebration of Geek, Freak and Fantasy chic for the entire family.  The outrageous costumes alone are well worth the $35-$55 general admission price.  This events runs through Sunday, June 2nd. So get your Batman mask and wallet ready (POW BANG BOOM) or simply locate your Star Trek Indicator to beam yourself over to the Philly Comic Con.

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