Salvation Army Store Collapse in Center City Philadelphia

imageimageThere were 6 fatalities reported and 13 confirmed survivors pulled from the rubble of the building collapse at 2136 Market St., where a Salvation Army Store once stood. Mayor Michael Nutter gave a statement confirming the investigation is still active and ongoing. The Mayor assured residents that all precautions were being taken to secure the area, rescue survivors and find out the true cause behind the collapse.  Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey confirmed there was no explosion. There is some speculation the collapse was the possible result of demolition of 2134 Market St. next door to the Salvation Army Store location. At 10:30 AM, allegedly the building structure next door to the store fell onto the store causing the collapse, thus trapping shoppers and workers beneath the debris.

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  1. Gene

    a question for you? Who is the guy behind the mayor with the white hat and glasses. I always see him with the mayor.

    1. daedae2

      Funny you asked. I’ve wondered that for yrs myself. I will find out & get back to you:)

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