Articles for the Month of August 2013

Yumtown….Real Delights at Trestle Inn’s BBQ, Friday Nights

imageYumtown Food Truck!
A terrifically yummy and eclectic culinary surprise is how I would describe the YumTown Delights Food Truck. Not only was it parked proudly in front of the Trestle Inn, the Neighborhood Whiskey Go-Go Bar, but it was cozied up curbside surrounded by cafe tables & chairs. The Yumtown/Trestle Inn atmosphere was a hodgepodge of West Philly funky, Northern Liberties Hipster, and French Quarter classic. The menu was steeped in organic gourmet goodness and as a plus, the ingredients are locally sourced organic foods.
I tried both the BLT Panzanilla, which was a light salad of arugula leaves, homemade bacon, Jersey Tomatoes, croutons, topped with goat bleu cheese. YUM! But, I was still a bit hungry so I decided to also try their TLT. The TLT was fitted with grilled Tofu, Arugala, Jersey Tomatoes, Aioli on thinly sliced grilled sourdough bread. Considering the modest portion, the salad was a bit rich for my blood at $6, but the TLT was reasonably priced at $7. I suggest you make it a Whiskey Go-Go night accented with a YumTown delight.

The YumTown truck travels throughout the city. If you are interested in trying something tasty with a dab of cool, try the YumTown Real Delights food truck. Each week this summer the Trestle Inn for their Friday Night BBQ welcomes a new food truck to try. If you want no catch Yumtown Food Truck any other time  follow them on twitter @ Https:// or visit their website @

Philadelphia Public Schools Need $50 Million to Open.

Philadelphia School District Broke & Asking Parents for Cash

Philadelphia Public Schools Asking Parents for Cash.

Philadelphia Mayor,  Michael Nutter,  and his administration recently announced Philadelphia Public Schools may not open on time in September without a substantial financial infusion of $50million. In response,  some Schools are taking matters into their own hands. Schools like Albert M, Greenfield school in Center City Philadelphia are desperate to safely open and are willing to ask for help from parents. School officials are asking parents to contribute over $600 per students in the hopes that this will cover expenses and allow the school to open its doors to students on September 9th.  However, many parents are upset they are being asked to contribute more funding despite they’re already supporting the school district by paying taxes.  Is this an over reaching effort on the part of schools or should parents help out by paying more?