Yumtown….Real Delights at Trestle Inn’s BBQ, Friday Nights

imageYumtown Food Truck!
A terrifically yummy and eclectic culinary surprise is how I would describe the YumTown Delights Food Truck. Not only was it parked proudly in front of the Trestle Inn, the Neighborhood Whiskey Go-Go Bar, but it was cozied up curbside surrounded by cafe tables & chairs. The Yumtown/Trestle Inn atmosphere was a hodgepodge of West Philly funky, Northern Liberties Hipster, and French Quarter classic. The menu was steeped in organic gourmet goodness and as a plus, the ingredients are locally sourced organic foods.
I tried both the BLT Panzanilla, which was a light salad of arugula leaves, homemade bacon, Jersey Tomatoes, croutons, topped with goat bleu cheese. YUM! But, I was still a bit hungry so I decided to also try their TLT. The TLT was fitted with grilled Tofu, Arugala, Jersey Tomatoes, Aioli on thinly sliced grilled sourdough bread. Considering the modest portion, the salad was a bit rich for my blood at $6, but the TLT was reasonably priced at $7. I suggest you make it a Whiskey Go-Go night accented with a YumTown delight.

The YumTown truck travels throughout the city. If you are interested in trying something tasty with a dab of cool, try the YumTown Real Delights food truck. Each week this summer the Trestle Inn for their Friday Night BBQ welcomes a new food truck to try. If you want no catch Yumtown Food Truck any other time  follow them on twitter @ Https://twitter.com/YumtownUSA or visit their website @ YumtownUSA.com.

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