Articles for the Month of February 2014

LGBTQI: Sweethearts & Redhots Drag Show

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Sweethearts & Redhots Drag Show

It is one of the most highly anticipated LGBTQI community shows of the year, the fourth annual Sweethearts & Redhots Drag Show put on by The Attic Youth Center. The drag show is held by The Attic in order to raise funds for travel and conference expenses. The youth wowed the audience Friday night with standing room only. Feather boas, wigs, high heels littered the make shift catwalk to the theme of 1990s Hip-Hop and rock favorites. Nostalgia wrapped in glitter and denim, it was 1992 all over again. Every seat in the The William Way ball room was sold out. It was a night to remember as the youth ended the show with a group number. There were more than twenty youth on the floor as they brought the evening to a close. The performers sang and danced to Boyz 2Men as they pulled audience members up to dance along side them. The youth donned their most fabulous attire and the audience ate it up like sacchrin sweet valentine candy. I can’t help but have even higher expectations for next year.

The Philadelphia Auto Show



Philadelphia Auto Show 2014

The Philadelphia Auto Show is going full throttle this year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center February 8th through February 16th.

See the automotive industry’s concept cars and newest models.The most exotic cars of your dreams are all on display before they hit the dealership. Sit in a 2014 Porsche or Maserati and then rev the engine of a Harley Davidson. This year it is all at your fingertips. For someone of a more modest speed, the Mimi Cooper has challenged definition of mini by adding a series of new coopers to their line. Also, compare the 2014 Honda CRV to the Toyota Rav4. The event welcomes all-friends, family and your imagination.

This year there is a special treat at the show. American history is at arms length, thanks to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum. The museum is displaying a selection of cars from their world renowned collection. Each car has its own story of race track glory to share with you. Then sneak a peek at the historic Museums prized possession, the Shelby Cobra.

This year, the Auto Show features more than 700 concept cars and their classic and luxury counterparts. This is a must see for 2014. Don’t miss it.

Philly Snowmageddon 2014






Philly Snowmageddon 2014

The Northeast is being pounded by the third major snow storm this winter. Many areas in Philadelphia and surrounding areas haven’t finished digging out from under last week’s snow storm and some Jenkintown, PA residents are still in the dark as a result of downed power-lines. Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, has declared a state of emergency to help keep pedestrians off roads so plow workers can do their jobs more effectively. However, conditions worsen as heavy ice, rain, sleet and snow create a dangerous winter mix that continues to pummel the city.

Philly streets are covered in layers of this dangerous winter mix- making travel almost impossible. Center City resembles a veritable ghost town as few cars and even fewer people venture outdoors. Alif & Tag of North Philly say “this storm is crazy!” as they braved the storm on their way to work this morning. Conditions are so severe in the city that Septa officials have threatened to suspend all services. However, there are people out there who can’t get enough of the white stuff. Brian, who we found shoveling his walkway, said,”hey, I’m a snow baby & I love this weather.”


A New Generation- Authentic Vulnerability vs Actual Narcissism

Authentic Vulnerability vs Actual Narcissism
I woke up today asking the world to be honest with me…but with mood lighting. Honesty, not like getting my period at the mall, or like getting lost in an expensive neighborhood only to cross paths with my paternal half sister who looks alarmingly similar to me but taller & with better bone structure. I want the kind of honesty from the universe that feels more like running into my first true love while enjoying a fabulous hair day.
However, what I got was an HBO & Skinamax Freeview from my cable provider.  Full episodic tragedies on a loop. Real life. Free episodes of Boardwalk Empire, Girls and Banshee marathon. It was a sign.  God works in mysterious ways and with a very real literary pathos. I’m forever changed. NOT…