Articles for the Month of March 2014

Mindy Kaling…Self Hating or Just Self Centered?


Mindy wants her cake & to eat it too! Her show was/is groundbreaking. With the introduction of an Indian woman as series creator, producer, writer & lead, Mindy has broken through the stratosphere as a woman of color in the entertainment business.

At the start of her show, women from all over were rooting Mindy on vocally. However, it wasn’t long before the rumblings of disappointment began. Whispers of confusion surrounding race and stereotyping surfaced before the end of season one.

Mindy recently spoke out but did she really say anything?

“I’m a fucking Indian woman who has her own fucking network television show, OK?”

However, just as she waves in the respect, she must also accept what comes along with respect, pioneering change- not just her personal glory. The burden is greater for people of color, because the ceilings and walls put before us are real.

Trail blazing is an art-form of sorts, maybe even a scientific art-form of precision & passion. For women and especially women of color, the need for public examples of self-love, triumph & progress is not only desired but required. Mindy’s show depicts Mindy as the center of a world she created -where only white men exist amidst painful flashes of stereotypical versions of people of color. Yet, her lead character finds time in almost every other episode, not to include other positive images of woman of color, but rather to twist her cap backward and bust out an old school rap verse. Really Mindy?

There is a difference between being silent or still verses taking steps backward. Is hoping that Mindy Kaling would perhaps use a fraction of her rare celebrity to inspire hope for others rather than simply herself asking too much?

Indeed, just stating she’s an Indian woman instead of speaking up as an Indian woman is a disappointment.

It appears that Mindy wants to create a world where she is the fairest of them all, and viewers are beginning to wonder if Mindy’s limited self-centered and self-important character is a direct transposition of Mindy Kaling herself.