Articles for the Month of March 2015

Winter 2015, The Squatter that won’t leave.


First day of Spring on Spring Garden Street in Center City a Philadelphia.

First day of Spring on Spring Garden Street in Center City Philadelphia.Winter 2015, the squatter that won’t leave.

It’s been a long cold winter season filled with frozen sidewalks, ice and fizzled snow storms. Philly has earned a few days of uninterrupted sunshine. However, the already lagging season of cold weather won’t take a hint. Winter just won’t leave. How rude.
To add insult to injury, today, the official first day of Spring, has thoroughly given into the pressures of the self involved season of winter as clouds once again sweep across the Philly skyline. No more fizzled storms. The first day of Spring has ushered in only its second bonafide snow storm. Offering gusts of wind carrying a blanket of tiny wet fakes of frozen pollution, Spring is a no show.
Again, how rude.
At least that’s how Philly Pre-teen, Dwayne feels. Spring had given the cold shoulder and he feels nothing but a cold chill on the first day of Spring.
Dwayne from Philly

Dwayne from Philly

Begging the obvious question moaned up to Zeus, the Cloud Gathering God of Thunder, how much can the City of Brotherly Love stand?
(Crickets…followed by snow in the face.)
“At least another 24hrs,” says all major television news networks.
Yeah, thanks for nothing Spring.
¬†And, Winter go home, you’re drunk.
Philly be frozen!