Articles for the Month of April 2015

Night Market is Back!

Philly China Town Skyline
Night Market is back!!
This urban phenomenon is essentially a street food festival that travels to different neighborhoods just in time for Thursday evening happy hour. 

The Food Trust has announced dates and locations for Night Market 2015. So get your tastebuds ready, it’s gonna be a fun ride as trucks serving everything from traditional burgers to tricked out gourmet dishes, wine and designer beer. This is a food revolution to some and an urban spectacle for others, as hundreds of people push bumper to bumper under street lights to see why each line to the food trucks is longer than the last. Yes, many would argue the yummy food is worth having to navigate the busy crowd swilled with libations. Why not? It only happens a few times a year.

The fifth year of Night Market, really kicks off May 14 on South Street West. The market will hit Callowhill in June, Lancaster Avenue in August and Fishtown in October. 

Sadly, no Chinatown this year. But, there are plenty of new & exciting destinations.

Want to try some great food, good music and long lines. You can join the Food Trust’s Night Market email list for updates.