Philly Pope-Maggedon 2015

In preparation for the World Meeting of Families 2015 Papal Visit, The City of Philadelphia released event details for the weekend of Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th.

Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, expressed excitement saying the neighborhoods in Center City Philadelphia will be most impacted by the Papal Visit, but everyone has the opportunity to participate in this historic event.

The Mayor asked Philadelphians to get excited and to get involved saying, “This is an incredible moment for our City and the Nation.”

Philadelphians like Kimberly Dolan, are welcoming the Pope and all the excitement surrounding the Papal Visit because she says, ” this is something I can share with my family and the entire world.” Dolan, hopes to be one of few Philadelphia Catholics to shake the Pope’s hand as she would even just settle for a glimpse of the popular Pontiff.  However, Dolan admits, “a hug or handshake would be the experience of a lifetime.”

Nash, standing in the service line at Pep Boys.

Nash, standing in the service line at Pep Boys.

But not everyone is looking forward to the Pope’s arrival. Nash, whom I met in the service line at Pep Boys along Columbus Blvd., referred to the Papal Visit as Pope-Megeddon. Nash said he was getting his car repaired before rushing out of town for three days because, “this Papal production is too much of a hassle so I’m getting the heck outta here.”


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