Articles for the Month of December 2015

My Brother’s Keeper in The City of Brotherly Love

Mayor Elect Kenney Speaks at 2015 My Brother's Keeper a Event
Hosted by Mayor Michael Nutter, more¬†than 200 people turned out for the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)event early Friday at The Community College of Philadelphia. MBK is a 2014 initiative started by President Barak Obama to build support for communities to scale back opportunity gaps for boys and young men of color. ¬†Mayor Elect Jim Kenney was also present and addressed the inequities within the city and passionately shared how he plans to improve relations between the Philadelphia Police Department and black youth.
Kenney acknowledged that black men are disproportionately stopped by police and vows to make positive changes when he begins his term as Mayor.Kenney said, “My son is 26 and a young version of me and he’s never been stopped and frisked. I am 57 years old and I have never been stopped and frisked & I apologize to you for the times you’ve been disrespected.”
Mayor Elect Kenney Speaks at 2015 My Brother’s Keeper a Event