America: Will A Divided House Fall?

We live in a time of growing conflict. Families are divided, couples are doubting the person they sleep next to at night and childhood friends are questioning decades of friendship. There is a dangerous divisiveness growing taller between us and this wall is creating an air of “us against them.” Like many, my partner and I found ourselves glaring at one another from opposite sides.

Our time at the dinner table is spent in heated conversations. Recently, as a point of contension, she held firm to her conviction and it was all I could do to hold on to who I thought she was, as she shouted across the room,” Batman would defeat Superman in any fight.”  How could someone so smart be so wrong?
The DC family stands divided.
With a hailstorm of conflict and emotion, Batman vs Superman comes out in theaters this week.  One caped & contoured. The other, powered by rockets and chiseled features armed with quiet masculinity. Beyond the protective spandex & bullet proof mask, who really has the advantage?
Director, Jack Snyder believes he has vivid insight into this DC dilemma, and his film will tell the story without exploitation but with great precision. Dawn of Justice can be broken down into categories of advantage from a utility belt to inherent strength. Here are some of the categories. You decide.
1.) Car v Cape
2.) Weaknesses
3.) Secret identity
4.) Epic crash pad
5.) Likability
6.) Back story
7.) Fighting Skills
9.) Villainous enemies
10.) Memorable Deaths
The DC family is left to wonder if a divided house will fall? This could change everything.
Dawn of Justice 2016

Dawn of Justice 2016

All content and photos by Shara Dae

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