Articles for the Month of October 2017

National Coming Out Day


A party with a purpose!

It’s National Coming Out Day! While attending Out Fedt this past weekend in center city, I had the chance to speaks with very out and proud members of the a philadlephia LGBTQI communities and they had a lot to say!

Lesbian Couple: “We get really excited because everybody is so happy and…. why can’t the world just be like this all the time?”

imageAmidst all the fun, there’s a reminder that the fight is ongoing. President Trump recently began rolling back Obama era protections for the LGBTQI communities and some believe that gives even greater meaning to National Coming Out Day.

Gay Married Couple: Today has a purpose, it’s to let everyone know that we are here and we aren’t going anywhere.
Mike & his long time partner just arrived at OutFest after attending church.

Mike & his long time partner just arrived at OutFest after attending church.

Outfest is the largest National Coming Out Day event in the world and Fanny Price says the event really a party with a purpose.

Frannie Price: “It’s about visibility. Today we party and we’ll worry about Trump tomorrow.”
Lesbian Mothers, Michelle Angelo and her partner are white lesbian raising black daughters and they never thought that in 2017 they would be fighting for both their rights and the rights of their two children. Michelle said, they began their¬†family during Barak Obama’s ¬†presidency and they were looking forward to the future and felt raising their daughters in America was certainly a “good thing,” but today they are not only frightened but worry they are less safe in a country that once led the world in civil rights progression. However, they believe after Trump’s latest actions, he and his administration are perpetuating hate and moving this country in the wrong direction.
Angelo Family
Michelle: “We’re people too and we also deserve freedom to love.”
HRC representative, Liz Balcolm, is determined to be inspired by the lack of support from Trump and his administration and she is not about lay down the baton or give up the mantel of hope. She is ready to fight even harder for her rights, and the rights of everyone in this country, “to live as who and what they are.”
HRC Team
Liz: “I think I call now is that we just keep fighting the fight.”I’ll text now and text more than 40,000 people, 150 vendors and community organizations.