Wearing Open Eyes
i find myself squeezing into new places & things
attempting to stay clothed in open eyes
to see the inspired light above me
ripping open a flattened sky
i wear tightly
my open eyes.

Human Relationships
mapping human relationships
in charcoal & ice
voices carry
but have no weight
it’s the ephemeral state that
strengthens the rope & binds
a barefoot stranger
that confides
he resists
a moment in passing
our catalyst

Rain song 9pm
they crowd the entrance
the windows sealed
the stairs pointing up
but broken down
we reach the Bastille as the hail joins the rain in chorus to sing the bridge
yet thunder shakes the house beneath our feet
a canopy
by every edge
hear the sky rolling over
phoenix tears
draped in vertical & descending
rain covers us
in waves & sheets
an atmospheric symphony
of wet
touching refracted light in keys
we stand to sit
where we gather to sleep.


Green Water
green water has her transfixed
without the waving lines nor foam elixirs.
she hasn’t yet ingested a single pearl not a single ocean floor pebble
her delusions are fixed
& her musing troubled
she sees fortunes buried in sunken treasures
fantasy is fine & even dreams be dandy
though delusions of grandeur digest bitter, similar to corrupted candies.